Priceless: 30-Day Devotional (Paperback)



Priceless is a fun and interactive devotional for young teen girls, ages 10 and up.
You will LOVE it! Buy one for every teen girl you know 🙂

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Your Feelings Aren’t A Bad Thing.

They are a gift from God to make space in your heart for more of Him!

Have you ever felt: Invisible, Betrayed, Alone, Left Out, Like Dancing, Not Good Enough ?

God perfectly designed your teen years to capture your whole heart. God loves your age. He sees you and wants you to know Him more. This book will teach you how to pray through the Psalms and encounter God in new ways that make you feel confident, loved, and known. May you hear His gentle whisper, you are beautiful, you are PRICELESS, you are mine.

Give it a try. Look inside and find the way you are feeling today, and see what God wants to say to you.

Linda and her daughter Jen wrote this devotional for teen girls. After Linda’s daughter, Jen, was in a traumatic car accident, Jen was in many ways “frozen” at age fifteen and completely uninhibited. That means Jen still says what she’s thinking and feeling almost all the time. Because of this Jen’s mom, Linda, got a unique glimpse into the inner world of young women, and she realized that the emotions young teen girls feel are a beautiful gift. It gives them the ability, like Jen, to have an unhindered, best-friend relationship with their Heavenly Father.

In this 30-day devotional for young teen girls, author Linda Barrick combines her daughter Jen’s real-life prayers with passages from Psalms in order to speak directly to the heart of young women. It will teach these teens and tweens how to cultivate a deep, emotional relationship with the God who loves them. Each day will:

  • address a different feeling and examine it in light of God’s truth from a short passage of Psalms
  • affirm young women’s feelings as a gift of God
  • demonstrate how their emotions are meant to lead them closer to God
  • show them how to make their faith stronger when they use God’s Word to navigate their emotions

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  1. Ashley

    Absolutely a great book! It is so encouraging, and every part of it makes me smile! Definitely recommend it for all teen girls!! So encouraging.❤️❤️

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