Hope Out Loud: Prayers (Paperback)



BRAND NEW VERSION with new pictures, new quotes from Jen and 60 prayers and Scripture pages that include:

  • Prayers of Healing
  • Prayers for Everyday
  • Prayers of Praise

Jen gives us a glimpse of what we will have in heaven some day: an intimate, uninhibited, communication with the Lord of Lords! In this booklet are some of her personal “Hope Out Loud Prayers” that will minister to your heart and soul.
The booklet includes Jen’s Story along with a selection of prayers she has journaled which reveal the wonderful relationship she has with her Lord. Bible verses with each prayer bring out some of the truths that God has revealed to us that relate to the specific prayer.

This little book will change your life! Wonderful gift for someone who needs HOPE!



Product Description

Jen’s prayers are personal reflections of her relationship with God and reflect such things as:

  • When I Have Lost Hope
  • When I’m Doubting – Is God Real?
  • When I Don’t Want To Forgive
  • When I Am Afraid
  • When I Need Joy and many more…

Pages are provided with each prayer to journal your own communication with God. This can be an invaluable resource to help you refresh your relationship with the Lord.

Jen writes in the Forward:
“This book is for everyone who is hurting. I still hurt and struggle every day, but I am clinging to the promises of God’s Word. When I pray out loud, God fills me with his strength and courage.” “He whispers hope in my ear…”

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  1. Seraphine

    I was so touched by Jen’s story.
    I heard you on Reframing.
    Your story gave me Hope in my struggles.
    Than you.

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