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Amazing Stories of HOPE!

We need your prayers and financial help to share Jesus in a broken world. Jesus is the Only HOPE! Here are some AMAZING stories of what God has done!

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  1. Marja Poutiainen 11 months ago September 18, 2016

    Hello Jen, Linda, Andy and Josh 🙂

    Thank you very much for the book Miracle for Jen!!! I have read it. It gave me much hope and much to think about. I still also do the kneeling down every morning and have got much joy. Jen´s story is incredible and you are a wonderful family!! We keep you all in our prayers. Thank you so much for praying for us!!! It´s wonderful that so many people have got to know Jesus around the world through your ministry!! It´s really something unique and special!!!

    with lots of love from, Marja
    and many best regards from Markku


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