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Peter Walks on the Water with Jesus!

Are you afraid to get out of the boat? What’s God asking you to do? Don’t miss Jen’s exciting video on the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus literally WALKED on WATER!!

When God calls us to do the impossible, He promises to enable us with His SUPERNATURAL power. Jesus is waiting for you to walk on the water with Him today.


  1. JM 5 years ago September 7, 2016

    Hi Linda and Jen,
    Thank you for your encouragement today. God is asking me to let go of a specific situation that I am struggling with that is affecting my marriage and my relationship with my husband. I thought I’d given it to the LORD, but it recently popped up again in the form of an email from a family member. Please pray that I will give it back to the LORD and that every time it appears in whatever way, I will be strong enough to give it back to Jesus to deal with for me.
    Also, please continue to pray for a miracle pregnancy and healthy birth for me. My two babies are in heaven with Jesus, and I am still struggling to trust Him to bless me with a healthy baby.
    God bless you and your family.

    • Jen Barrick 5 years ago September 14, 2016

      Lord Jesus, Please wrap Your loving arms around JM. My she feel Your peace and presence like never before. May she cast all her cares on You Lord and trust You each and everyday for more.
      You are our HOPE Lord Jesus. Amen. Love, Jen

  2. Patricia Ebrahim 5 years ago September 8, 2016

    Thank you for a more in depth story about Peter walking on water toward Jesus. I love Jesus with all me heart, soul, mind and strength. I run to him when the waters get rough, and he is always there to calm the stormy waters for me. I have two big struggles. My job that is very stressful, and my daughter. We don’t get along, I can’t talk to her without her getting mad at me, and I’m trying to direct her to the narrow path through prayers and with all the glory going to our Jesus, and I give my daughter to Jesus as I can’t seem to do it all by myself. Impossible I must say. It’s tough and I love my daughter so much, and I just want what is best for her. She’s a good kid but she needs some direction that I can’t seem to give her.

    Now my job is so stressful, I use to drive home crying almost all of the way, but that doesn’t happen anymore because I go directly to Jesus and he gives me rest all the time. He never fails me. I know that if no one loves me, I know Jesus does. I feel that way sometimes. I really don’t have any friends. My husband is too busy. So I’m quite often by myself. But I find rest in Jesus.

    The moral of my story is that if it wasn’t for Jesus I just don’t know where I would be. He keeps me going no matter what.

    So keep your eye on Jesus. Don’t ever stop thinking about him. Keep him near. Talk to him like he’s right next to you in the flesh. Don’t ever let go of him. He’s there. Right next to you.

    Thank you

    • Linda and Jen 5 years ago September 14, 2016

      Father God, we pray for Patricia and her prayer requests. Thank you Father that she can hold on to the promises of Your Word everyday. May she feel Your loving presence everyday at work.
      God please speak Your truth to her daughter and may she follow after you Lord. Amen. Love, Linda and Jen

  3. h houghland 5 years ago September 8, 2016

    thank you for this encouraging word today. I needed to hear it. My husband & I are involved in work in Africa. at first I would not go because of FEAR of getting Malaria. but then I did go and it was wonderful. Now I am faced again with the challenge of going back in the winter time. I want to obey God but sometimes I feel overwhelmed …I turn 80 this year and wonder why God would still ask me to go at this age. thanks for your prayers. Love your blogs. Helen

    • Linda and Jen 5 years ago September 14, 2016

      Lord Jesus, Please whisper Your Hope and Encouragement to our friend, Ms. Helen. Lord, we trust in you alone. May Helen hear You say “I Love you. Peace Be Still!” Love, Linda and Jen

  4. Darcia 5 years ago September 8, 2016

    Loved watching this clip! Just this morning Josie asked me to tell her the story of Jesus walking on the water – it is the only story she wants me to tell her from the bible and she will listen to it over and over and over. Today I left her at school in capable hands both in the teachers and parapro’s hands and in God’s hands. I had to step out in faith and not hover today. This video was just what I needed to see and hear to help me have peace that Josie is going to be ok in school.

    • Jen Barrick 5 years ago September 14, 2016

      Lord, Please be with both Darcia and Josie today. May Josie feel Your Love and Presence at school day. Lord Jesus, You alone are our Rock and Strong Tower. We trust in You! Amen. Love, Jen

  5. Daniel Barton 5 years ago September 8, 2016

    To be patient with my mom when she picks me up from work, and to be gracious.

    • Jen Barrick 5 years ago September 14, 2016

      Lord Jesus, Please help Daniel today and everyday be Your Light to his mother and everyone You bring into his path. May he be gracious and shine Your love Lord. Daniel is Your chosen vessel.
      Amen. Love, Jen


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