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Jesus Calms the Storm

In the Gospel we get to read about Jesus and the miracles he did on this Earth. I love how the Bible has so many details and can give us hope for the struggles we face. Jesus can do anything and He wants to calm the storms in your life! Don’t miss this exciting video where Jen takes us to the Sea of Galilee in Israel!

What Storm Are You Going Through?


  1. Sheila 5 years ago August 3, 2016

    Jen, I just love hearing you pray. I know God adores you and your sweet, trusting heart. My storm is for my sons. I ask prayer for them to find Godly wives. They are 26 and 28 and finding a Godly young woman is not easy. Especially in our current culture. My 26 year old has type 1 diabetes so his health is always a concern. Thank you for your prayers. Bless you, sweet girl. ❤

    • Linda and Jen Barrick 5 years ago August 4, 2016

      Dear Heavenly Father,
      We lift up Sheila’s sons to You. Please guard their hearts and minds and protect them. Keep them focused on You in everything they do. Lord, we are trusting You to provide godly wives for them – women that will be faithful to them and who love Jesus with all their hearts. We praise You in advance. We can’t wait to see what You do. In Jesus name amen!

  2. Kristine 5 years ago August 4, 2016

    Hi! I am looking forward to your new blogposts every week! I have been through a year of illness and will soon go back to my work as a lawyer. I really love my job but I am very concerned that it will be too demanding for me. God bless the both of you!! Kristine,41,Norway

    • Linda and Jen 5 years ago August 4, 2016

      Lord Jesus,
      Please come to Kristine’s rescue and whisper HOPE in her ear. Heal Kristine O Lord and she will be healed for You are the One who we praise (Jeremiah 17:14). Father, may Kristine rest in You knowing that You will carry her one day at a time. We praise You in advance for giving her the supernatural strength she will need to go back to work as a lawyer. May Kristine shine brightly for You! Use her in ways she never dreamed possible to make a difference for eternity.
      In Jesus name amen!
      We are praying for you!
      Linda and Jen

  3. MELISSA BUTLER 5 years ago August 4, 2016

    Hi, I am getting anxious with the summer coming to an end, my school year starting, and moving into my new condo. Melissa

    • Linda and Jen 5 years ago August 4, 2016

      Hi Melissa!
      We will be praying for you!
      Dear Jesus,
      Please calm all of Melissa’s anxiety and worry as she starts school and moved into a new condo. . May she run into Your arms and trust You to work out every detail. Thank You for being the Jehovah Jireh- our PROVIDER. Lord, protect Melissa and go before her and behind her. Hem her in and protect her in every way. May she shine brightly for You.
      In Jesus name amen!

  4. Daniel Barton 5 years ago August 4, 2016

    I got laid off from my job. I gave it to the Lord, and I prayed for my work, and will continue to pray for my work. Then, today, i got rehired back to my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am reminded of Job how he lost everything, and God gave him two times the amount that he had. I ask your prayers with restarting my job that my work and I will have wisdom to handle my hours, and that there will be no walls, nothing will be held against us, but that we rejoice in me restarting the job, and that we will both be restored from the lay off.

  5. Adrian-Lee Steininger 5 years ago August 5, 2016

    I just love watching Jen with all her enthusiasm for the Lord and you can see the joy in her beautiful smiles. I am so glad she got to see and go on to the Sea of Galilee! She and her Mom are such an inspiration to all who meet, speak and see her blogs. I sit here smiling just by looking at her smiling. It’s so nice to see people of faith who share Jesus with all they meet. I see so much goodness in this world when I am out, people helping me because I am in an electric wheelchair. Most times I don’t even have to ask for help, people just offer to help. God has told me we, like He, are each unique and to look at the uniqueness in all and see the good in everyone and just love all people. I love your family! And, of course, Jesus, is at the top of my love list!


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