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Prayer is a Privilege

Every time we are praying and talking to God, we are actually walking into God’s throne room! God is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and we have direct access to Him anytime. He longs for an intimate personal relationship with YOU!

What Prayer Request has God Answered for You?


  1. Diane 6 years ago July 20, 2016

    Hi, Linda and Jen!

    Thank you for once again posting an encouraging and uplifting video! Constant encouragement is so important. 🙂

    God has answered SO many of my prayers. He is so faithful in the small things in my life that I can hardly believe it sometimes! What a God of detail and order He is!

    I would say that right now God is being faithful as I seek Him in an increasingly intimate way in my life. The longer you are a Christian, the closer you should ideally get to Him. This is happening in my life, and I just wanted to say that God must really love us! He is so faithful to answer when we call, and I believe He is more excited about us coming to Him than even we are!

    Thank you for your ministry. It has impacted so many lives, and that definitely includes mine!


    • linda and Jen Barrick 6 years ago July 20, 2016

      Hi Diane, Thank you for sharing and for your kind words.
      It is so true that God does care about the little details of our lives and He is Faithful! May God continue to whisper HOPE to your heart! Love, Linda and Jen

  2. Joanna 6 years ago July 21, 2016

    Hi Linda and Jen,
    God answered my prayer a few years ago when I got pregnant after about 13 years of trying. But, in His wisdom, He took my baby from me at 12 weeks. I consider this my “hope out loud” as He has given me hope that I can get pregnant. I am still trusting Him for a miracle baby. Please continue to pray for my miracle baby.
    God bless you,

    • Linda and Jen Barrick 6 years ago July 21, 2016

      Yes we are continuing to pray for you that God will bless you with a miracle baby in His perfect timing.

      Lord Jesus, We know You delight in doing the impossible. You are the God of miracles. We are trusting You to bless Joanna and her husband with a healthy baby in Your timing. Please fill Joanna with Your peace and strength as she rests in You.
      In Jesus Name, AMen!

  3. melissa 6 years ago July 21, 2016

    Hi, I had a difficult September and October. I prayed for strength and perseverance each day. I saw how God pulled me through. I prayed that my neighbor would find a new job and she will be starting her new job in the beginning of August. God listens to us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He never gets tired of us. People sometimes get tired of listening to us.

    • Linda Barrick 6 years ago July 21, 2016

      Hi Melissa!
      I love that God never gets tired of listening to us. He is such a good Father.
      I have learned the importance of being still and allowing Him to speak back to my heart.

      I hope you have a great weekend. I’m so glad your neighbor God a new job and God answered your prayer. That’s awesome!
      Love, Linda

  4. Kelly 6 years ago July 21, 2016

    I am so blessed by your story and ministry of joy. God has blessed me so many times with answered prayers , small ( great parking spots!) and large ( miraculous healing of my daughter , spontaneously , of a blood clot). We have been believing God for healing of the same daughter from a concussion three years ago, and pray for deliverance from head pain that has kept her essentially bedridden , for too long. We know it is not Gods will that she suffer, and we know Jesus provided her healing on the cross, so we stand and pray for it to be manifested. You are an inspiration that you live with such joy and faith and hope, please pray with me for my daughter Cailin to have the same sustenance in the Lord, and for her to receive her complete deliverance. God bless your sweet family.

    • Linda Barrick 6 years ago July 21, 2016

      Dear Kelly,
      Absolutely we will be praying for your daughter Cailin.

      Dear Heavenly Father,
      Please cradle Cailin in Your Everlasting arms and whisper HOPE to her heart. Lord, You are the Jehovah Rapha, the Almighty Healer! Please reach down and touch Cailin’s body the pain in her head with Your mighty hand. Lord, Astound the doctors and heal her beyond what is humanly possible. We know that nothing is too hard for You. Thank you for coming to Cailin’s rescue. May she trust in You!
      In Jesus Name, Amen

      Don’t ever give up HOPE! May God fill you with His courage and strength one day at a time!
      Linda and Jen

      • Kelly 6 years ago July 24, 2016

        Thank you . I am being strengthened and encouraged in my own prayer life by the beautiful prayers Jen offers . God is using your family in such a beautiful way . He is truly evident when you all share.

  5. Christine 6 years ago July 21, 2016

    I just LOVE Hope Out Loud Prayers..!! How amazingly blessed we All are to have one another; God has blessed me so much with His grace by the sharing , prayers and love that is lifted up by His body that cares for one another..The Spirit of God did this in you Jen and family . The prayers of us All are going before our Heavenly Father .
    Please continue to pray for my healing. Love you All 🙂

    • LInda and Jen Barrick 6 years ago July 21, 2016

      Hi Christine!
      Thank you for your sweet encouraging words.

      May God bless you and fill you with His strength and JOY! May you hear God whisper to Your heart, “I have called you. I have chosen you. FEAR not! I will be with you and I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

      Love, Linda and Jen

  6. Tonie 6 years ago July 23, 2016

    Thank you so much for your wonderful ministry.
    God answered our prayers and carried my dear sister, Kandie, through a tramatic reconstruction pelvis surgery earlier this year… even though her own doctor told her that he doubted she would survive it! It took over 8 hours and 200 stitches but today she can walk again. What a blessed father!
    She is still battling stage 4 breast cancer that can now only be stopped by God. Man has no control over this horrible disease.
    We are praying again for her healing and would appreciate you lifting her up to the Lord in Your prayers ♡

    • Linda Barrick 6 years ago July 26, 2016

      Dear Tonie, Thank you for sharing about Kandie.
      Lord Jesus, Thank you that You are Faithful and we can trust in You alone Lord. Please wrap Your healing arms around Kandie Lord. Please whisper Hope to her heart today. You Lord are our Healer and Deliverer. Amen. Love, Linda and Jen

  7. Rachel 6 years ago July 24, 2016

    I just got back from serving at my first Joni and Friends family retreat. I loved being there, but I also experienced being so dependent on God to help me. As hard as it is to be dependent on God, I believe that is how it really is supposed to be. I saw God answer so many prayers while I was there, and now I am praying that God would help me to continue to depend on Him and find that His strength is really more than enough!

    • linda Barrick 6 years ago July 26, 2016

      Hi Rachel, Thank you for sharing. So glad you had an amazing time at J&F family retreat. We love going to them as well.
      Lord Jesus, You are more than enough!! Your power Lord is made Perfect in our weakness. We Love You Lord! Amen.
      Love, Linda and Jen

  8. Rose 5 years ago August 17, 2016

    Most most mornings I go outside and worship by quietly singing “Holy, Holy, Holy.” It reminds me of the perfection of God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I also pray on my couch. Throughout the day I talk to God wherever I am.

    Linda, I love your insight about how Jesus thanked God for everyone’s food even before the miracle happened. I always knew we needed to pray in faith, but I’ve overlooked the example that Jesus Himself prayed that same way — in faith! Thank you for pointing that out!

    Also when you mentioned “daily bread” it reminded me of something I wrote in my Prayer Journal: The reason God wants us to ask for “daily bread” is not only for us to continually depend on Him, but HE wants to hear from US *every* day because it blesses HIM! That’s why Jesus didn’t teach His disciples to pray, “Do this, Lord, for the rest of my life!” and then be done with prayer.


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